About me

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Ivan and I’m here to help you to understand how to eat to lose weight!

Together with you, my friends, we’ll answer the questions like: how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, where to eat in terms of weight loss.

You probably ask me why should you hear to me and who am I to learn you, and it is OK, because I usually do the same.

I`m just a man who trying to watch his health and weight. I`m 34 years old and my body mass index (BMI) is 22.

For the the last ten years my weight have been changing many times so I found a lot of consistent patterns about “what to do” and “how to eat”.

Belarussian cousine had been chosen as a basic pattern for experiments because the secret knowledge of it had been passed through generations within my family. Together with you, my friends, we’ll find the best way individually for everyone to lose weight choosing the very right products to eat.

About me in a few words

I do have medical degree and superior category in physical therapy, so my knowledge sufficient enough to teach others:)

I do have degree in dieting, so I feel free to explain others how to be with concerned issues.

I do have more than ten years of clinical experience, so I had a deal with lots of patient cases to see how things are working.

I do not practice any of diets. I`m just eat whatever I want and my weight stays permanent because I feel what is right and what is not:)

Today I live in Minsk, Belarus. You probably heard about World of Tanks, so they were made here.

I do have a medical practice in physical therapy, so I feel free to learn people how to stay fit and healthy.

During my practice I saw a lot of examples of wrong eating and moving behavior so it lead me into deep understanding of interconnections between what we eat and what we get.

Today I would like to share my experience with you!

Site navigation in few words

I`m trying to make the site navigation absolutely user friendly and clear.

On the top you can find a menu which consists of several pages with relevant names.

In the middle you can find my posts dedicated to the topic of weight loss and healthy eating.

From the right you can find widgets like BMI calculator, calories calculator etc.

At the end of every post there is a comment form, so you are welcome to write any of your thoughts.

On the pages and inside the posts you can find the links on the products I like on Amazon.com, so feel free to follow this links.

If you have any questions feel absolutely free to ask at ivan@howtoeattoloseweight.com