Apple cider vinegar for weight loss recipe

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss recipe

Hello, my dearest friends!

Today I would like to share with you a good apple cider vinegar for weight loss recipe which is popular in my country.

It is well known that a half cup of apple juice a day will improve the work of the respiratory system. Tasty, low-calorie (especially if you close the juice without sugar), and therefore useful for maintaining harmony. Contains vitamin C, salts of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, malic, citric and other organic acids. It is recommended for children and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, with anemia, gastritis with low acidity. Apples and apple juice are useful for those who have problems with the lungs, frequent bronchitis, as well as heavy smokers. The juice contains a lot of iron (good for anemia) and has a miraculous ability to remove stones from the kidneys. Pectin substances, with which apples are rich, purify the body of toxins. But it also well known that just one tablespoon, shot glass or ramekin of vinegar cannot help with weight loss! It just could be the part of your meal plan.


To produce 1 liter of apple juice (not clarified) requires 1700 grams of fresh apples.

First, prepare for the juice jars and lids. Banks should be washed thoroughly with soda, with a steep boiling water (or put in the oven and warmed to 100 * C), then turn the neck down on a dry clean towel and top cover with a ironed clean towel so that the banks do not cool. Covers also need to be washed and boiled in water for several minutes.

Now take the apples, rinse under running water, remove the core, it is more convenient to make a special adaptation, cut into slices and let through the juicer.

The juice is poured into a saucepan (the pan should be enameled), and fill it with 2/3 so that our juice does not run away, we bring it up to 95 * C, stirring all the time. If apples are sour, add sugar to taste, and if apples are sweet, then there is no need to put sugar. And you can add sugar and then, when you open the jar.  In apples, there are acids and sugar – they are the preservatives.

The juice we have heated to 90-95 * C – remove the foam and pour into prepared cans, immediately tighten the lids, turn the neck down and put it under the blanket until it cools down completely. It is better not to pour the ready-made juice immediately on all the banks, and each can roll separately: pour – roll up, pour again – roll up, etc.

So we closed the apple juice, but this juice is very concentrated. Therefore, it is advisable to dilute before use (if someone from the home has problems with digestion – there can be an exacerbation). And even better, if there are such problems with digestion, then you can add squash juice to apple juice (3 liters of apple juice – 1 glass of squash – it is more gentle and more useful and zucchini is not felt). It is best to drink apple juice between meals, and best of all – an hour before meals.

And one more thing:

When you miss apples through a juicer, the juice turns dark, turns brownish. This is because the apples contain a lot of iron and oxidation takes place in the air. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to add acid to the juice – lemon juice.

And the last thing:

From the mashes, you can get a mashed puree or squeeze the juice again. To get the juice you need to add 10% of the water from the weight of the scraps (there are 2 kg of scraps left – pour in 200 g of hot water (75-80 * C)). Mix the whole mass and stand for 3-4 hours, then pass through the juicer again. The resulting juice can be used in the preparation of jam, jam, jam, etc. And can it be preserved by a hot spill.

Bon appetit and good luck!

That was my apple cider vinegar for weight loss recipe!

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