How to stop eating at night

How to stop eating at night

Many people have a bad habit – eating at night. Someone argues that alcohol and smoking are dangerous, but food taken at night is also not good and can harm your health. In fact, this is due to a lack of discipline in nutrition, because not everyone can boast of an ideal diet and a competent distribution of portions throughout the day. Someone has a lot of work, so it’s okay to eat normally late in the evening, someone thinks that there is only need when there is a desire, and someone does not refuse anything at all, including eating at night. Surely you think that solving this problem is very difficult, but it all depends on your desire and ability to work on yourself. Your attention is offered some tips on how to exclude food at night and feel comfortable at the same time.

Eat a full dinner

If for dinner you eat a couple of fruits and yogurt, then in a couple of hours you again want to eat. But since you are trying to adhere to a relatively healthy diet, you once again snack with something light. As a result, you again wake up at night with a feeling of hunger. It is a mistake to believe that dinner should be as light as possible. It should not be high in calories, so focus on proteins. But do not forget that you need to supper for 3-4 hours before sleep, so as not to spoil the figure and not overload the stomach and intestines. A full dinner will allow you to feel satiety, so the desire to snack at night itself will disappear.

Eat often in small portions

Throughout the day, many women miss the necessary meals because of the tight work schedule. Lack of free time – this is really the problem of most of the fair sex. You may not have time to watch your favorite TV series, call your girlfriend or go out for a smoke during the break, but you need a snack. This trick really works, because if you during the day were hungry, your body gives a signal at night, that tomorrow, most likely, it will happen again. Therefore, you get up at night with a desire to eat something. Of course, do not forget that this has a disastrous effect on your figure. You will go to sleep again, and the unaccounted calories that you just ate will go to fat. Put banana, cereal bar or dried fruit in your bag and snack throughout the day. Also do not forget that breakfast and lunch can not be missed.

Sometimes please yourself with your favorite treats

Those women who constantly sit on a diet, for certain know about that such “failures”. If you constantly limit yourself, you will sooner or later tear yourself and eat up harmful products. Therefore, from time to time, you should allow yourself to eat delicious food that gives you pleasure. So you stop suffering mentally and learn to control your actions. Because of the constant restrictions and feelings of hunger, you will eat something forbidden at night, although in the morning you will regret it. But do not overdo it, because the diet should remain a diet.

Have a snack before bedtime

If you know that in any case, a night snack can not be avoided, try to deceive your body. For this, eat something immediately before going to bed, so that the stomach is not empty. But, in any case, do not eat high-calorie, spicy or fatty foods, because then there will be a lot of strain on your body. For example, it can be a small piece of boiled chicken breast, apple, low-fat cottage cheese or boiled vegetables. So you get the right amount of food, but do not hurt the figure. Try to make sure that the food gives you pleasure, otherwise you will want to eat something tasty, and this again leads you to past hobbies in the form of a night meal.

Drink water

Another way to deceive your body. In fact, water perfectly fills the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. Do not you need it? so before dinner, drink a glass of pure mineral water without gas, and then another before bed. If you woke up at night with an incredible desire to eat something, drink some water. A glass of water should be on your bedside table so that you do not go to the kitchen every time. This trick is used by many models, so you can try. Nutritionists recommend drinking clean water without gas, which contains very light and safe microelements.

Clean your teeth before going to bed

It’s hard to believe, but it does work. Incredible sensation of cleanliness in the mouth after brushing teeth is a great opportunity to give up eating at night. Many argue that after brushing your teeth, there is no desire to eat anything. Therefore, you can not only get rid of eating at night, but also take care of the beauty and health of your teeth. To make the procedure even more pleasant, buy a beautiful toothbrush of your favorite color and choose a delicious paste. So you prepare your body for sleep and control your diet.

Find an interesting lesson

If you do not know what to do yourself, when you do not want to sleep, then it’s no wonder that at night you are actively eating. Every time you feel like eating, turn on your favorite TV show or open an interesting magazine. So you switch, forget about food and can quickly fall asleep. If you do not like to read or watch movies at night, think of a lesson for which you never have time. Put a canvas in the room and make several smears every time you want to eat. You can go for 20 minutes to your favorite social network or try a new beautiful lipstick. 8. Do not store harmful dainties. The problem is also that you know perfectly well that you have a favorite sausage or cake in the fridge, so you are thinking about food, and the stomach is already secreting juices. It is better to buy delicacies in the morning before work, if there is time or during the day, when you need a snack with something delicious and natural.


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